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About the Author

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C. Sonberg Larson has been writing stories since the age of six.  Fallow is Larson's first published work, but it 's the author's fifth novel.

"I consider the first four books practice," Larson revealed in an interview. "They're great stories. The first book, The Skater Chronicles, got me an agent and the second book, Lure, won an award, but the work wasn't ready for publication. At the time, I was disappointed the novels didn't get picked up, but now I'm grateful because all of that work led to Fallow."

The greatest piece of writing advice ever received.....Find the butt and the mind will follow....

Larson is currently working on the second installment of the Decomposer series,  entitled Giniúint, as well as the novel The Cerebral. 

Larson lives in southern California and when not in front of the keyboard, spends time reading, traveling, hiking the great outdoors, and walking Fred. 

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Ireland, summer of 2018

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