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The Decomposer Series


Jonathan Thornton Flynn owns a billion-dollar diamond corporation, has a strong marriage, and two children. He's at the top of the proverbial ‘food chain’ of human society. Johnny is certain his fields will never go fallow. A backfired scheme costs Johnny the person he loves most, and he decides to end his own suffering. His plan goes off without a hitch… until Auster finds him. Now Johnny has a new body, a new life, and a new purpose, whether he likes it or not. As Johnny struggles to discover who, or what, he is now, he must also uncover why Auster has brought him back.


This dark and gritty work ruptures insular views of what constitutes good and evil. Intricately weaving together the threads of several character’s gripping stories, The Decomposer: Fallow crosses the boundaries of several genres in an epic tale of suspense, mystery, horror, and science fiction that leaves its reader questioning if there really is such a thing as redemption.

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